We live in a digital world and I am a digital girl.

We've lost the art of writing. More importantly, we have lost the art of creative writing and storytelling. Research has shown that this has taken a huge toll on our emotional health. 

The human brain is wired for creation, for storytelling. When we tell a story different parts of the brain light up as if we were actually living the story that we are relaying. The brain doesn't differentiate the story from actual experience but instead of creating beauty and harmony within our stories we have left the brain to create nightmares in our day to day lives. If we are not writing creatively, in a conducive and healing way the analytical brain is left without a job, like a bored child on the weekend during a snowstorm. It wreaks havoc on our relationships, our job and inevitably our bodies. We lose sleep because our storyteller has run rampant on our lives and we suffer. 
Something to consider is the potential mental health benefits of riding out the full unedited story in a digital or paper journal. Write to excess about all that plagues you. Read it without judgement. Talk to a closed mouthed, bystander companion about it. 

On Typing vs Hand Writing
My experience tells me that there are benefits to both typing and formal writing. Typing has proven to produce a better flow of unconscious thought. I can write much quicker and in a more unedited format. I see more of my true thoughts and feelings through typing and I enjoy the unscripted nature and truth that is depicted.
The physical act of writing, however, has its own benefits. I can become very clear on the state of my unconscious mind just by looking at the present nature of my handwriting. An aesthetic change in handwriting can indicate stress or inflammation of the brain, thus it can also indicate a state of peace, ease and flow if/when it is smooth and clean, divulging on a deeper level the health of my internal body (the internal which inevitably translates to the external).
I am also currently experimenting with non-dominant (left hand) writing to stimulate the right side of my brain; right side being the emotional, creative, watchtower function of the entire mechanism. I've had some pretty mind altering experiences with this practice and I am pleased to say I can finally read my own left hand writing less than 30 days in. 
Aside from the benefits and also disregarding any result-geared reasoning I truly enjoy writing. If you don’t identify as a writer (which is silly anyhow) I suggest you start simple. Every morning before you pick up your phone
1. Write what you can remember of your dreams. 
2. Write an affirmation, “I am _____.”
3. Write 5-100 things you’re grateful for.

I can promise you, it will change your life if done with discipline.  

Every fucking day! 

Sarah Dowell