Making Practical Use of String Theory

Quarks and Leptons are the smallest particles of matter that humans, with the help of mathematics and highly technical instruments, can perceive and measure. That being said a Proton’s mass is about 2000 times that of an Electron and BOTH are able to be spliced suggesting that there are even smaller components to what we thought were the building blocks of the material world. STRING THEORY states that the entire universe of matter is made up of tiny dancing filaments, or “Strings”. Depending on the potential energy and appearance of the piece of matter the filaments will vibrate at different frequencies. 

Solid matter is made up of compacted atoms that vibrate aggressively in limited space. Liquid atoms have a little more room to move around before colliding or sliding past one another. The atoms of a gas are well separated and move freely at high speeds vibrating at lower frequencies. Colors are also associated with different vibrational frequencies giving them their distinct appearance. Smells will take on varying frequencies giving them very distinct qualities. 

We, humans, are made up of mainly oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen. These elements are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons in varying amounts depending on the element. If it’s true that these atoms, themselves, are made of vibrating strings then we could suppose that the human body, as a whole, is a vibrating mass of material. 

Any disruption in the dancing of these strings will cause a vibrational shift or mutation in the surrounding strings. If the mutation is strong enough circumambient atoms, cells, and even tissues can be negatively affected potentially causing something more serious like sickness or disease in the organism (the human). If we widen the scope we can see that there is also potential for this vibrational mutation to spread outside of the body into neighboring energy fields affecting the atomic space outside of itself. 

When we have experienced trauma in our lives the atoms of our DNA mutate to the tune of that trauma. The vibration of the strings that make up these atoms changes affecting the encompassing strings, atoms, cells, tissues, organs and so on. As the dysfunctional vibration spreads to other cells and tissues we lose control. As more and more trauma and mutation ensues due to the law of attraction we begin to, unknowingly,  vibrate to the tune of our trauma. As our cells vibrate together at this trauma frequency we emit the same vibration into the surrounding air space. This air space bends and warps to the same traumatic tune causing a ripple affect to the world outside us. 

Scientific Theory aside,

Can we agree that MUSIC is tangible vibration? 

Yes? Perfect! 

Have you ever heard a song that made your arm hairs stand on end or one that resinated so deeply that you got THE GOOD FEELS all over and inside your body?

Knowing what we think might be possible of vibrating matter is it possible that the vibration of that song somehow vibrated into the cells of your body and attempted to repair the damaged or mutated strings? 

Have you ever dug your feet in the dirt or dipped your toes into running water and the world just went quiet and somehow reset your being for a moment?

Is it possible that the aggressive and grounded vibration of the earth or the smooth flow frequency of the water plucked at your strings just right reminding them of their original vibration and restored them to health in that single moment in time?

Bring to mind the one person in your life that you share everything with. Think about that person’s voice. Imagine the way that they say “I love you.” Maybe they even touch you at the same time causing a cascade of emotions and goosebumps all at once and for that moment you’re worthy, lovable, powerful and whole again. 

It is not only possible but PROBABLE that the vibration of their body rippled into the very cells of your own; That two energy fields became ONE vibrating in sync. You felt untouchable, impenetrable, and powerful because, in FACT, you were!  If a disruption in vibration is what causes material disorder in the first place then it would make sense that VIBRATION is the medicine.

So when we hear things like “music is medicine” or “your vibe attracts your tribe” maybe there’s more scientific truth in it than we realized and maybe it’s time to actually start considering what kind of vibrations we allow into and out of our VERY REAL energy fields. What is my thought life like and what kind of vibrations am I sending out to the cells of my body? Do the people in my life heal the strings or further the process of the gaping wound. AM I CAUSING MY OWN AILMENTS AND MY OWN DIS-EASE by allowing disruptive vibrations into my body? And is it possible that the best medicine for my body, the kind I respond most affectively to is readily available within the earth beneath my feet, the sounds in my ears and the vibrational energy of the people that I surround myself with?

If I begin to see my thoughts, experiences and relationships as either healing or carcinogenic then maybe I would be more apt to paying attention to them. Maybe I’ll take more responsibility for healing the wound rather than expecting the broken world to do it for me. Karma takes on a very tangible role in my life once I realize that I not only take in but also emit vibrational energy. It ceases to be a hokey, religious idea of punishment and reward and turns into the Universal and Scientifically measurable Law that it actually IS. 

So go get your ass some crystals. Don’t skip the OM in your yoga class. Cover your body in happy colors. Turn the music up loud and heal your damn self. It’s not just intention (although good intentions will quicken the process). This shit is real. Maybe Cancer is a large scale mutation of vibration. MAYBE global warming is an even LARGER scale mutation. As YOU begin to heal your vibration the alteration of your energy field will ripple into those surrounding it. Unhealthy vibrations will either shift with you OR they will move away from you. The world, at large, will be affected by the microscopic vibrational shift that is happening deep within the cells of your body. Take responsibility for the health and healing of your MindBody. Take control of the vibration of YOUR energy field so that whatever ripples through and from you contributes to the healing of the universal vibration rather that to it’s detriment. 


Sarah Dowell