Holding Space

My heart hurts for all the people of this world who believe that mantra, prayer and intention is useless. In fact, I hurt much more for those people than I do the people in need of said intentions. If you didn’t read my last blog this would be the time to do so because I’m about to reference it. Let’s assume that string theory is correct; that the entire material universe is made up of vibrating filaments, each person contributes to the collective vibration of humanity and that our human thoughts contribute to the quality of the vibration that we emit. To heal the collective vibration we have to, on an individual level, heal our own illnesses; illnesses which stem from a distortion in vibration. Our thoughts are a direct link to the health and vitality of the vibration which makes up our very being. When we think well, we live well. When we live well we change the world around us. The world at large changes because WE changed… on a CELLULAR level. 


  1. the agency, function, or power of a person authorized to act as the deputy or substitute for another.
  2. the person so authorized; substitute; agent.

Holding space is much bigger than a fleeting prayer for good tidings. Holding space is a sacred act of proxying for those who are in need. To proxy is to receive blessing in place of another person, nothing more, nothing less. The proxy, or space holder, is but a messenger, a conduit and this conduit must be free of resentment, fear and selfish motive because we can’t hold space if we don’t have space. “It’s hard to fill a cup which is already full!” Another important principle to abide by in holding space is self preservation. I am not to make the problem that I am proxying for personal. It is not my problem, nor should I take it on as my problem. A conduit is not to be mistaken for a surrogate. The only action to be taken as a proxy is to channel good vibrations to and from those whom are being proxied. 

Tragedy is at an all time high. What with the floods, the fires, and the recent shooting thoughts, prayers and good intentions are essential to the wellbeing of the collective. So as I woke up to the news in Vegas I began my work. The first step being a personal house cleaning. What people, situations, resentments and fears cloud me from being of service today? What purposeless ideas can I rid myself of to make space for those worthy of my brain power. It is from this space that I can change my own consciousness as well as that of the collective. I don’t expect my intentions to be answered right away. I will find myself VERY disappointed with a presumption like this. My hope is that with every act of holding space, every proxy and every prayer I can heal my dysfunctional vibrations and promote healing among those around me for the long haul. Maybe, someday, the ripple will be so great that the world will spontaneously heal itself. For now, I'll start with the healing within myself. 

Sarah Dowell