New Year New Intention

Brave: 1. Possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. 2. A warrior. 3. To defy, challenge, or dare. 

Synonyms: bold, audacious, chivalrous, confident, courageous, daring, dauntless, defiant,       doughty, fearless, arm, forward, gallant, game, gritty, gutsy, hardy, heroic, imprudent, indomitable, intrepid, reckless, resolute, spirited, spunky, strong, unabashed, valiant, valorous, venturesome

I have learned, over the years of experimentation, trial and error, that the best way for me to create intentions are through one word mantras. I practice these one word mantras on a daily basis. These words are discovered through a physical, emotional and spiritual inventory that I also participate in DAILY. In teaching others this practice the question that I hear myself ask is "In one word, what do you need today to succeed or feel successful." Examples of one word intentions include patience, tolerance, compassion, non-judgment, freedom, clarity, neutrality. 

It occurred to me this morning that I made an all encompassing INTENTION on this day last year. That intention was "Vulnerability". Whether of not that intention was successful is up for discussion. I'll have to ask my mentors and spiritual advisors on that one, however, inspiration hit as I recollected my struggles, triumphs and intentions over the last year and I was struck with this year's Mantra; Bravery. I am embarking on a very daunting journey of self discovery. I have recently renounced an addiction equal to that of booze and I couldn't think of anything more useful than the word BRAVERY to describe all that I will need to endure this next year; endure and grow. 

I am absolutely terrified, to be honest. I am afraid that I will fail; fail and have to tell everyone that I FAILED! But what I seek is worth the risk;

                                                                       because what I seek... is ME!

So the question is this... 

 In one word, what do you need to make this year successful?