Monday's Profundities: Self Worth

Neuron's are information centers. Neural Pathways are the routes to which information is passed throughout one's body. There are somewhere around 100 billion neuron's in the human body and since before infancy each of us has been gathering and storing information for these neurons to translate and communicate VIA neural pathways.
After time the body gains enough data to begin calculating trends such as our environment, available food sources, amount and types of physical touch so on and so forth. As trends continue certain pathways become stronger and eventually preferred. Emotional responses (crying, anxiety, etc), phyisiological responses (posture, muscle recruitment, cortisol production etc), the 6th sense (intuition) are all based off of the available data and preferred neurological pathways.
Imagine the brain and body connected as a network of rivers, damns and creaks. The more water running by way of a certain path the deeper and deeper it becomes. Water continuously chooses this path because it is the preferred route of transportation due to years, decades, centuries of water flow. Now imagine what must happen for a new path to emerge. Go ahead, imagine it.
So it's low self worth that keeps me in the same shit relationship, the same crap job, and with the same horrific attitude toward life?
So all I need to do is know what I'm worth and my life will turn around?
What if my parents yelled, screamed and threw things while I was still in the womb? What if I was never touched as an infant? What if food was scarce, relationships were abusive, or I was told by an organization that I should be filled with shame?
Maybe it IS self worth, huh? Maybe my boyfriend really does treat me like shit because I hate myself. OR just maybe, all I have ever known was drama, chaos and fear. Maybe these feelings are so familiar to me that without them I feel lost and insecure. Maybe I UNKNOWINGLY chase all that I have ever known (neural pathways are not conscious).
Knowing now how the brain and body work I refuse to believe that low self worth is and/or was my problem. I know what I'm worth. I know what I want and I have a dream for what I WILL become. Do I believe that the solution is still within me? Yes, although self worth I can't even fathom how to fix. Biology on the other hand? That shit has been evolving since before our time!!!