Good Girl

Since the dawn of time women have been born into what I like to imagine as tiny, white, frilly PRINCESS BOXES comprised of four walls and a top to make certain we don't escape. Every box is different yet a box just the same. We are confined in it, defined by it and so long as we keep the lid tightly shut we are presumably protected from 
the monsters that lurk without. 

With this princess box comes a list of rules, regulations, guidelines and the promise of honor, prestige and protection; good girls do, good girls don't, real women do, real women don't, conflicting ideas causing confusion and chaos but as we all know 
RULE # 12 states "Good girls don't show struggle."
RULE #3 states "Good girls do what they are told." 
And so it is. 

RULE #16 "Good girls don't ask questions." so we don't. We stare upon the same four walls covered in fancy glitter paint and trust that this is the way, though our hearts tell us much different. 
You can't trust your heart", they say. 
So we don't. 
Reference your guidelines, pretty girl, and all will be well

Womanhood hits and we trudge the earth with our eyes to the floor, thinking ill and fearing all that cannot fit into our box. The ruffles overflow with the lid about to pop off and there we stand using every bone in our body to keep it over our heads; husband, job, kids, and the maintenance of self all piled high as spinning plates on each limb. 
Back to the guidelines, sweet princess. 
You were groomed for this! 

For some of us, this is it, this is us, and this is where it ends. For others, the plates come crashing down, our lid flies off and our entire being becomes exposed. The choice, then, becomes ours; put the lid back on the box OR go against everything we know, everyone we love and risk everything we have to be everything we were taught that we ought not be. 
Option one is low risk. Stick with what you know and success will follow. 

Option number two is monumentally high risk (loss of pride, loss of respect, loss of self, loss of loved ones) and carries a 100% fail rate. In fact, we are promised to fail so many times that the box of which we crawled out starts to look like a fluffy, warm, king sized bed. So why would we ever choose the second path?


We are given the opportunity to become what the world has never seen, all that the world has stifled and we get to pave the way for the future of womanhood. 
If/when the second path is chosen we will be met will all sorts of resistance. People will judge, reject curse and defame. Our failures will be spotlighted and our achievements picked apart, forgotten or ignored. The world and its collective state of mind will attempt nothing more than to stifle the light from which we burn. 
At this moment we must return to what we know, picking up our former guidelines and remembering RULE #1 "Good girls never say NO!"