Building the Dream

Dreams are meant to be BOLD, audacious and downright terrifying!! That is why they are called dreams.
Following the commencement of my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and The River Power Vinyasa we were met with a personal life coach to develop a life plan. We were told to dream big, so big that the seeds of fear bellowed into the depths of our souls.

Here is the dream:
Run a successful business geared toward serving struggling populations.
    -Charge pennies
    -Support local businesses
    -Volunteer Services
    -Free Classes
    -Attraction rather than promotion
Buy a home to raise my son in.
Adopt a dog and give him a ridiculous name.
Homeschool my son.
Pay for his college in cash (no debt).
Die at $0 meaning no debt and nothing in the bank.

This may seem doable to the normal reader, however, considering the fact that when my marriage failed 2 years ago I was forced to start over; living with my parents, raising a newborn with zero income it is a big idea for me to accomplish many of these things. I have high hopes and a time frame of no more than 10 years (with the exception of the "death at $0 goal). With the universe on my side I cannot fail!