Sarah Dowell

I have spent over 10 years participating in, working in and learning about the fitness and wellness industry. The last 4 years of my career I have ramped up my education so as to better serve the people that I teach. My aim as a teacher is to lead my students to their own path of self awareness. I hope to build confidence and independence in my movers with a very individualized process of assisted movement, hands on assistance and sometimes specific bodywork (trigger point, compression, active and passive stretch). Individualization of sessions is in direct relation to perceived pain, postural assessments and objective findings as sessions continue.  My honest goal in this work is to bulletproof you, to make you unbreakable, in every way. 

Associated Social Media Content

IG: @butfl_dzastr


Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindbodymechanism/

Associated Facilities

Mind Body Mechanism; Denver, CO

The River Power Vinyasa; Denver, CO

Rhythm Revolution; Denver, CO

Edge MMA and Fitness; Denver, CO


Instagram: @sarah.ekwm